UKMFH screen shot
Site name: UKMFH - Military Family History on the Internet

UKMFH is the third in a set of similarly styled set of websites for Family Historians. A huge portion of the code developed for the UKBMD website was re-used for UKMFH, including all the page cacheing features. As with UKBMD the site is driven by a selection of PHP scripts to control over 4,000 pages of links and information.

In a similar manner to UKBMD, UKMFH aims to point users at websites with online data, but this time the emphasis is helping the user find websites that can provide information on their ancestors involvement in the military forces. The site was launched at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show at Olympia, London, in February 2010.

For accessibility and ease of enhancement the pages are CSS based, sharing a common style sheet with UKBMD and UKGDL.

AJAX is used to provide a dynamically updated keyword list which allows users to fine tune a list of over 7,000 keywords to assist in their search for data.

This site is also accessible via the following synonyms for brand protection and marketing reasons: