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Site name: UKBMD - Births, Marriages and Deaths on the Internet

UKBMD is a website designed to help family historians with their research. Its aim is to point the users at other websites that have data online which covers the topic of UK births, marriages, deaths and censuses. Each site link listed is categorised by county and data type removing endless hours of searching for users. Most links lead to free sites, but some are links to subscription based sites. The site was launched circa 2003, initially as a simple page of links to various websites with local BMD data online, but its rôle soon grew to include the many links that it now contains.

The permutations and combinations of the lists results in over 2,500 pages within the site. Originally these were served directly from the MySQL database but as the visitor count increased the system was enhanced to create the pages only after a database update, with the body of each page held in a cache filestore. This method of working has been used on UKGDL and UKMFH too

PHP is used to control the serving of pages and to interface to the MySQL database. For accessibility and ease of enhancement the pages are CSS based.

This site was placed 2nd in the Family Tree Magazine reader poll for Best Website of the Decade 2011

This site is also accessible via the following synonyms for brand protection and marketing reasons: