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Local BMD

Beginning with Cheshire in 2000 at the latest count 11 regions of the country now use a suite of programs that have become to be known as the UKBMD system. Each is similarly styled and allows users to search a database of registrars' indexes to births, marriages and deaths to assist in family tree research. These sites all use databases based on multiple text files, along side of Berkeley databases which provide a final level of indexing.
Perl scripts originally controlled the main searching of each data set and the Perl DBD/DBI provided access to the Berkeley databases. As of 2017 these are being replaced by migrating the search code to PHP7 and the databases to SQLite3
All of the Local BMD sites can be searched in one go using the Multi-region search page which is implemented using PHP and the PHP Client URL library.

The North Wales site is dual language, English and Welsh.

South Cheshire Family History Society


This site is no longer active, but is mentioned as this was my first award winning site, having won the Federation of Family History Society Web Award in 2002.