The Few screen shot
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Several years ago, I was honoured to receive a copy of a hand produced book which has the same title as shown above. This book is actually a photograph album. In it are the recollections and results of many years of research by Flt. Lt. J.H. Holloway, M.B.E., RAF (Retd). He began this work in 1957 and it was not until 1976 that he had most of the information needed to complete the book. Sadly he died in 1986 before his life's ambition had been completed.

2,945 copies of this album have been produced -- one for each of those known as "The Few".

Where the person had died, the album was passed to the nearest known living relative.

With the permission of the people who completed his work, I have created this website with the intention that memory of "The Few" is kept alive.

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