Guitar Fret Spacing Calculator

Enter the total scale length, the number of frets, select the unit you wish to use. The standard divisor used in these calculations is 17.817, but I have seen other values used elsewhere, so you have the option to change this if you wish. A second set of calculations is listed along side of those calculated by the divisor method. This second set uses a multiplier method as detailed in Brian May's Red Special book. The multipler value used here is 0.9439
Finally, click on the Calculate button and the calculations will appear below. Repeat for other values if you wish.

The initial scale length of 650mm is for a standard Fender (25.5 inches) Alternatively, Brian May's Red Special has 24 frets and is 24 inches in length.

Scale length: Millimetres or inches:    
Number of frets: Divisor: Multiplier:

The calculated results will appear here when you press the Calculate button.

In the tables the Length refers to the length of the spacing between each fret and the Distance refers to the distance that the fret is from the nut. The Remainder, if listed, is the distance from the last fret to the bridge.
In most cases the difference between the calculated figures using the preset values for the Divisor and Multiplier methods will only be noticed in the second and third decimal places. How accurately can you mark and cut?
Full details of Brian May's Red Special guitar and his original workings can be seen in his book Brian May's Red Special