Weston Technologies Ltd

Website Development by Ian & Sharon Hartas

This website's aim is to introduce and showcase our work. From the menu on the left you will be able to review details and links to all the major sites that we have worked on and currently manage.

A Variety of Topics.

Our sites cover a wide range of topics such as Family History, fortune telling and tributes.

Our strengths are in the engineering of websites rather than their graphic design - this is probably obvious from the fact that this site started life as a downloaded template. I have re-engineered the basic HTML from that download into a templated PHP driven site. This page now consists of 7 lines of PHP ! Follow the links immediately below this central section to download this and other free templates.

Specific Features

Most of these sites have common features as I tend to use a similar approach across all designs - why re-invent the wheel ?
Details of a few of these can be found in the General Information page.

  • Templated layouts
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • Apache mod-rewrite
  • Page Generation and Cacheing

Recent updates have been spurred on by the move from earlier versions of HTML and PHP5 to HTML5 and PHP8.
The Miscellaneous page contains various stuff, including a Maximum Heart Rate Calculator and a Guitar Fret Spacing calculator

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